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ABBYY Lingvo x6 Pro

ABBYY Lingvo x6 Pro

ABBYY Lingvo – this is an interesting, easy to use utility that is used to translate foreign language learning. To date, many versions of this program. The app can translate words and various combinations in 25 languages.

Software comfortable and functional for work with sites and texts in languages ??that are foreign. This application is used for educational purposes

The main advantages of this tool:.

  • you can quickly translate words and different phrases from the direct application itself,
  • all learning exercises are divided by subject areas,
  • You can set start lessons in automatic mode selected by the user time,
  • have video tutorials,
  • there are sensible dictionary with illustrations,
  • You can create your dictionaries,
  • You can edit the existing words,
  • have letters examples for languages ??different,
  • You can configure the functional hotkeys,
  • you can spend a request translation of difficult words that are not in regular dictionaries.

This tool is constantly updated, so the list itself dictionaries is constantly updated. The user can always be used for the most recent version of the program. If you are interested in this tool, then on this page you can download it for free.

Broken link or new version of the program? Write about it in the comments, be sure to update!

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