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Android Studio 4

Android Studio 4.1.3

Android Studio – is a unique platform that allows the development of games and applications for mobile operating system Android. The product was released in 2013, but still supports constant updating and improving the software.

The latest version of the program was greatly enhanced functionality, as well as optimized work for weaker computers. In addition, the studio has a IDE emulator that checks created by applications, the quality and accuracy of their work. Also, the program has Russification, therefore, is available to users.

will tune before starting work the user needs, and want to set a password to protect the project. Next, the user will have to select one of the types of projects that are planned to be created:

  • Applications for smartphones and tablets,
  • Watch,
  • Software for set-top boxes running on the Android platform,
  • Points VR,

Download the program for the development of applications, you can have by clicking on the link located at the bottom of the page. Immediately after the click will begin direct download boot utility file.

Broken link or new version of the program? Write about it in the comments, be sure to update!

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