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AntiPlagiarism NET

AntiPlagiarism NET – the latest version + License Key

AntiPlagiarism.Net – a software product designed to monitor the Internet duplicated elements of the text that is being tested, calculate its uniqueness. It also allocates to find recurring part duplicative of the initial file or web page on which the similarities were found, a specific calculating the percentage of identical parts of each audited online village.

Video Installation and activation of the program

< p> If you install the program on your PC, you will be able to:

  • to find and highlight duplicate the text directly on the restored duplicate web pages, making the calculation of the uniqueness of the text much easier
  • generate detailed reports about monitoring of content uniqueness, setting up all sorts of search data – number of passages from the text, the words in each part of the text and the other,
  • to calculate the uniqueness of each village web resource, making detailed report on the resource,
  • to perform batch verification of all documents in the folder,
  • to search for matches by analyzing 7 search engines.

After you have downloaded the free AntiPlagiarism.Net key to install the application you need to run the file antiplagiarism.exe.

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