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Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.0.0 (2013) Multi / English

Version of the program, 2.0.0
The official website , ashampoo
Language, English, English and other
Treatment, to complete
Type of medicine, * .reg file (TE)

System requirements,
• Windows® XP SP3, Vista®, 7, 8
• CPU 1200 MHz (or higher) x86 CPU
• RAM, at least 1 GB of RAM
• hard drive space, 1000 MB
• Software,
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
VS 2010 Redistributables

Turn your PC into a design studio and plan, design and decorate the exterior and interior of your dream home with Ashampoo home Designer Pro 2


Learn more,
• Intuitive wizard of new projects
quickly deal with formalities such as information on the contractor, property location and main parameters of the building, such as the number of floors and the shape of the roof with the integrated wizard projects in the Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2.
• Automatic execution of measurement
angles, lengths, areas or volumes – focus on the building, while the Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2 takes care of the calculations
•. Furniture and appliances are included
Do not settle for empty rooms! Ashampoo Home Designer Pro 2 has an impressive catalog of objects in which there are doors, windows, electrical appliances and many other

New Features,.
Extended project wizard
Step 1, Enter data about the project, such as contractor of the building, design and location of the project. NEW
Step 2, Select the unit of measurement, scale and shape of floors plan
Step 3. Specify the dimensions
Step 4. Change the number of floors and height. NEW
Step 5, Select one of the ready-made roof or edit each side of her on your own. NEW

• Product, New 2D objects to add detail to 2D view, for example, bicycles
• Support corners tasks in 2D
• angle measurement
• Measurements through polygons
• Solar panels, New mesh input and additional 3D models
• Simulation of shadows, Enter the geographic location and the start / end to track the position of the shadows at different times, for example, to simplify the arrangement of solar panels
• Automatic calculation of areas and lengths for roofs, cornices, defiles, eaves and gable roofs
• Support for calculating areas and volumes