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Pixia 6.50re Pixia is a very unusual and versatile editing of Japanese developers, which is designed to edit and manipulate raster graphics. This utility is notable for an extremely simple and intuitive interface, which will be very useful for ordinary personal computer users. This digital product in its capabilities are not inferior even to pay […]

Audacity 3

Audacity 3.0.0 kryaknuty + lame_enc dll Audacity – multifunctional, easy to manage and audio editor settings. In this You can this utility to quickly download free. Allows the user to record sound, edit files and convert to WAV, MP3, OGG, has options for recording microphone sound and other cards can work with streaming audio broadcasts, […]

Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2022

Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2022 Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical is a modern and high-tech software from advanced digital company, which specializes in the creation of professional technical drawings and diagrams. The most useful application is for electrical engineers, because there they can easily build an electrical circuit. But the beauty of this application is that the drawings […]

ISpy 7

iSpy 7.2.1 iSpy – a program to monitor the area. Download this utility can be on this site in the English version for free. Developer DeveloperinABox created the perfect solution, allowing the opportunity to protect your home or office. All that is required to complete the work tools – a microphone and a camera. The […]


ExperienceIndexOK 3.55 ExperienceIndexOK is a small but very useful utility, which is necessary to perform operating system diagnostics and assessment of its technical capacity. In comparison come from all of the components and types of PC hardware that form the overall performance speed. If you compare this tool with the standard operating system technology, the […]

AVG PC Tuneup Pro 21

AVG PC Tuneup Pro 21.1 Build 2523 + Activation Key AVG PC TuneUp is paid a set of auxiliary computer program to perform specific tasks related to the operating system. It provides the user considerable package a variety of tools to regulate and improve the efficiency of Windows operating system. Fast startup time and quick […]

3DP Net

3DP Net 21.01 3DP Net – Products from 3DP, which is able to establish the model and download the correct driver for the network card that is integrated into a personal computer. This is a very useful application. It’s a whole platform with the necessary set of tools for updates, download and implement the necessary […]


HoneyView 5.35 HoneyView – it is a simple, but extremely useful utility that allows users to easily and conveniently view various images, photos and pictures on your computer. In contrast to the standard operating system tools, the application supports all file extensions, all of them here about thirty. In addition, the utility also allows you […]

Wavosaur 1

Wavosaur 1.7 Wavosaur is a fairly simple, but very interesting audio editor that helps users perform simple and uncomplicated operations related to editing audio files. The interface is as simple as possible, and in the classical style, is similar to the design of the initial versions of operating systems As for capabilities, the users can […]

daz Studio

Daz Studio + crack Daz Studio is a multifunctional editor for creating animated characters. All development takes place in three-dimensional graphics, which allows for the most realistic visualization. The program is based on a powerful modern engine Ndivia Iray, which has many innovative features. But the main thing – is its speed, as well […]