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Book Collector Pro 20

Book Collector Pro 20.5.2

Book Collector Pro is a perfect assistant for all those users who love books and stores on your PC a wide variety of text files. Now all the books, magazines, comic books, and the like can be stored in its virtual library that will be more convenient, enjoyable and interesting solution

The main advantage of using this digital product -. The highest level of comfort, because now use files It will be much more convenient. For these purposes, then there is a special sort, which a man sets himself, building on individual needs

Also, this software is useful because it quickly adds a text file in the library, and adds to it all the necessary information:. Year author, number of pages, and even find the original artwork. Keep a library can be both on your device and in the cloud storage.

  • Full version,
  • Ability to use cloud storage,
  • Automatic search for information about the files,
  • Create a custom sorting books,

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