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ISpy 7

iSpy 7.2.1

iSpy – a program to monitor the area. Download this utility can be on this site in the English version for free.

Developer DeveloperinABox created the perfect solution, allowing the opportunity to protect your home or office. All that is required to complete the work tools – a microphone and a camera. The app automatically detects and logs all activity and sounds in the scale of the observed perimeter.

When the software detects movement in the sponsored area, it immediately sends a report by SMS-message or e-mail. The structure of the report will also include video and fixing photos. An important feature is that the program can capture the data in the present time.

  • One program clone interacts with several PCs.
  • You can program the utility to automatically switch videofiksatsii in that case, if the room you hear a strange sound.
  • The amplitude of the camera sensitivity can be adjusted by software to minimize errors.
  • to hide the information held in the application, you can set a password.

The program is free to receive, but the entrance fee for work via the Internet. Utilities 26.5 MB size. It interacts with all types of Windows operating system. Download the program can always be just a couple of clicks.

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