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LockHunter 3

LockHunter 3.3.4

LockHunter is a very useful software that allows users to quickly and effectively remove all the necessary files. The advantage of this utility is that the removal to be even hidden components, and those who have a high level of protection, and it can be done without having administrator rights.

Very often such a situation, when the operating system prohibits the removal of any files-or, because of the special requirements of admission, either due to a special file protection. Therefore, to avoid such situations, and was invented by this utility.

It is especially effective for this product will remove malicious viruses, which masquerade as system files, because of what the easiest way to remove them is simply impossible. Especially, using this application, you should not be afraid of removing important components, because all of them to the recycle bin.

  • To delete protected files,
  • Easy to use interface, which consists of 4 keys,
  • Ability to recover the components of the basket,
  • Work with external carriers,

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