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Movavi Game Capture 6

Movavi Game Capture 6.0 kryaknuty

If you’re a gamer and you are important to record all activities on a computer screen, it will be a great helper Movavi Game Capture. This feature-rich program that is designed to capture video and screenshots are in good quality.

For many video bloggers and streamers is important to record the gameplay. They are willing to rush to share their own achievements with other players. Some people want to keep as a souvenir passing game, while others share with like-minded people.

The operating system does not have a standard program, which will be useful for such purposes. If you want high-quality material, it is necessary to download Movavi Game Capture. The program is one of the best to date.

  • Record video from the screen.
  • Create high quality screenshots.
  • Record different sounds.
  • You can record separate screen area.
  • stored in various formats.
  • Publish to social networks.

To use all the features of this program Movavi Game Capture need to download the key. This you can do on our website for free. Activation of Movavi Game Capture allows you to use the software without restrictions.

In order to capture video during gameplay you need to press F10. The program will start recording automatically. Recorded video saved in MP4 format.

With this great program you can make a training video review. It’s enough to select the area to record. This program is able to capture the work of absolutely any applications

The program lets you record audio from two sources simultaneously:. Dialogues of the game, sound effects, voice gamer. Audio tracks you can save in a separate file in AAC format. The file will be conveniently edited separately from the video.

Every video has a high sound quality and playback. Sound recording can be done from the microphone and speakers. From the video, users can extract the audio tracks if necessary.

  • shareware mode. The user has only one week to test the program.
  • It is necessary to cancel the installation of additional components from Yandex. If you do not, then they are automatically stored on your computer.

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