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PVS-Studio 7.12.46137

PVS-Studio is a very useful and highly specialized software that is designed to perform in-depth technical analysis of software source code written in different languages. The most effective, such work will be with the following platforms: C, Java, C ++, and other similar languages ??

Need this check, first of all, to find potentially dangerous vulnerabilities that are often found in the source code of the application.. Therefore, so users will be able to ensure safe operation of the software, and minimize potential risks.

This program is convenient as well that can work with all types of operating systems, regardless of the bit OS. Therefore, to analyze the source code can be on all platforms, including even on embedded elements ARM.

  • The broad language support,
  • Work with all types of operating systems
  • Efficient search of threats,
  • Easy adjustment of the technical elements,

download PVS-Studio, you can chat on our website by clicking the appropriate link to download the installation package.

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