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Sintegrial Text Editor (S

Sintegrial Text Editor (S.T.E.)

Sintegrial Text Editor (S.T.E.) – versatile and easy to use text editor. Developed by Sintegrial Technologies .

The main goal of Sintegrial Text Editor is to create a powerful tool includes a number of different text files processing functions with maximum speed and convenience for the user.

Sintegrial text Editor is not only a IDE with support for multiple programming languages, although it includes features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, folding (folding of certain fragments of editable text or code on a single line), the formatting of the text.

STE is positioned as a functional analogue of Notepad for editing simple file and do not set a goal to replace the IDE (Integrated Development Environment / IDE development – used by programmers of software system for software development)

Sintegrial text editor text editor basis. nny on frameworks Qt and Qscintilla2 (which is part of the application widget text editor based on Scintilla edit component).

In Sintegrial Text Editor additionally used enca , iconv and uncengtify , to enhance the capacity can be used, Uncengtify , Artistic Style , CSS Tidy and HTML Tidy .

Sintegrial text Editor has a simple multitabovy interface, the ability to save and load sessions, customizable color scheme.

In addition to the autocomplete input text and folding STE text sections has an automatic indent and tabs, quick navigation with bookmarks and the ability to quickly edit text using the keyboard shortcuts.

The STE implemented syntax highlighting (for more than 30 languages ​​and formats), automatic recognition of coding file conversion between encodings supported by more than 70 encodings (through iconv interface) and conversion of line (cleaning the wrong line endings).

Sintegrial Text Editor performs a quick search of the selected text, search the pair of parentheses, fast search in large files (> 20MB), conducts an incremental search bar and search for regular expressions.

at the STE have the opportunity to bitmap editing avtopometok, the allocation of tags to add comments, check the changed files on the file system, the numerical conversion between Dec < / strong>, Hex , Bin , a preview for some formats (HTML, DSL, XDXF) and much more.

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