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The Village

The Village

The project The Village , which can be download torrent for free , is an adventure indie action game with strategy elements, shooter and horror. Get ready for a very grim journey that can take place in a variety of modes, thereby checking their skills and level of training for extreme situations.

The first mode, in which you can spend your time will Horror Mode. Here you have to go on some kind of Villa, which until then visited the little boy and came back home. You will have to look for the missing child, using only one flashlight. Look for clues, the batteries to recharge the battery, as well as first-aid kits to replenish your health. Do everything to track down the boy and deal with all the secrets that hides this place.

In Intense Mode, you will learn about the same story, except that in the Villa you go as part of a specialized military groups, which were ordered to clean up this place once and for all. Armed and equipped, you need to find the secret letter and return to base, but if you can survive and protect their charges from certain death?

Rescue Mode will tell you about how the above-mentioned secret letter was published in the newspapers, which is why numerous vysokopostalvennye person and officials were captured in the same gloomy room. Now, as a group of special forces, you need to release them and to survive.